Wedding and Easter Pregnancy

On Saturday, we went to Alice and Patrick’s wedding at the Richard Nixon Library.  In college, living at our apt in Westwood, I would never have guessed that the Lord would bring them together.  But He surely has in His beautiful plan and we are praying for their new life as husband and wife.

Mike was a groomsman at the wedding and he looked VERY handsome.  He looked like a model for Men’s Wearhouse.  God surely has blessed me with Christ-honoring, God-fearing, wife-loving, hard-working, talented, athletic, funny, affectionate, good-looking husband.  The perfect package, I must say.

Here we are in front of the pond.  It was a beautiful night.  It was also Baby’s first wedding!

Here are Mr. & Mrs. Ham…the happy and glowing couple.

Easter (Resurrection) Sunday was a real blessing.  In light of Pastor James’s sermon, I was challenged to pray for nonbelievers as Christ prayed for those who put Him to the cross.  What a miracle that God chose to save sinners through the blood of His Son!

After service, we took a Lee clan photo.

You can tell that Mommy’s gained some Baby weight!  Right now, Mommy loves fruit, chocolat, Nescafe instant coffee (thanks Joan!), and pastries of all kinds.  She hopes to one day, be diligent at walking to burn off the side effects of these delicious treats!  One day…

Actually, I went walking today for an hour.  I meant to only go for 30-40 minutes, but forgot half-way into the walk that it takes a really long time to walk from one end of the block to another in my neighborhood.  I felt really good though, and now I’m enjoying my reward…a bowl of yummy strawberries.

All in all, Mike and I are so thankful for this wonderfully blessing time in our lives.  And this joy, we know, simply comes from walking with Him daily.  The Lord truly is good to those who love Him and He gives Himself so liberally to us so that we might enjoy Him.  Christ Himself is an incredible, undeserved gift from above that we are so thankful for.  And yet, He also gives us the grace to live this life to seek Him together as husband and wife.  Elder Bob always says that marriage is like the topping of God’s grace in our lives…grace upon grace.  And I definitely agree.


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