Simple Joys of Motherhood

Here are Audrey and Jacob Park getting ready to get their diapers changed last Sunday.  Notice they are more interested in their hands than they are in each other.

This made me think of when Daniel Pyo told me that his mom used to watch my sister Jane and his brother Joe during church when they were babies, and how she used to change their diapers at the same time.  My, how time flies, huh?  Before we know it, Jacob and Audrey will be reminiscing about these times together…Lord willing.

I’ve learned that babies are kind of schizophrenic (did i spell that right?).  Here is Audrey BEFORE her feeding.

And here she is right AFTER.  My, what a difference momma’s milk can make!

Now for some simple joys of motherhood that I was reflecting on during my walk today:

1. When you hear your baby crying as she wakes up in the morning, but you realize it’s just to call you over to her crib so that she can give you a “Good morning!” smile that just melts your heart.  (This happened this morning.)

2. When you do something silly to make her smile or laugh, and afterwards she makes you feel like you’re the funniest person in the world and the most fun person to be around.

3. When you grumble in the car on your way to the grocery store because it’s raining and entertain sinful complaints like, “Do we REALLY need groceries?”  or “Is ramen really THAT unhealthy to eat for dinner tonight?” or “If we only had a garage, this would be SO much easier.”  But, when you take your baby out of the car and realize it’s her first outing in the rain, you are rebuked and decide to teach her about thanking God for all types of weather and to marvel at his creation instead of complaining about it.

4. When you watch your husband holding your baby, you think to yourself, “There are my two favorite people in this world!”  And, you also marvel at how your baby is 50% you, 50% your husband, and 100% a gift from God.

5. When you talk to your 3-month old baby and she coos back at you, you really feel like she’s totally understood what you were saying and that you’ve just had a really deep conversation.

6. When after you’ve cleaned the kitchen after dinner and you’ve put your baby down for the night, you kind of feel like the day’s work is “done” (although, is a mom’s work ever really done?) and you can enjoy sweet alone time with your husband.

7. When after nursing, your baby lets out a deep man-belch and you’re thankful that you’ve been able to provide a hearty meal for your baby for free!

More simple joys to come at a later time…o wait! One more!

8. When you’ve managed to dig out a huge booger from your baby’s nose and you’re so proud that you run to your husband to show it off to him.


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