Ann Judson

Just finishing the biography of Ann Judson, Adoniram Judson’s wife.  It would take too long to share all the details of this book that touched my heart, but one thing that stood out was her life of suffering.  I’ve never personally known anyone who has suffered as much as her.  All I know is that she must have SO much treasure in Heaven because she faced every sort of trial that any woman could go through.  Just to give an example:  while her husband was being brutally held as a prisoner of war in Burma, daily facing prospects of death, Ann was caring for her baby daughter in an evil land.  She lived in deplorable conditions, had no family or friends, was barely clinging on to her own health, and had to endure heart-breaking nights of separation from her husband and hearing her precious baby cry because of hunger.  Yet, because of her obedience to the Lord, the Lord used her to encourage her husband, who pioneered the missionary effort in Burma.

Here’s a quote from the book:  “Her courage in leaving America, her dedication in insisting that her husband remain with the young church while she sought medical help abroad, her loyalty during Adoniram’s imprisonment and her disregard of personal risk seem almost superhuman.  Yet she was only too human in that she suffered greatly; she was not hard, insensitive or cold.  She was a woman who loved intensely, loved her husband, loved her children, loved the people of Burma, but above all loved her God.”

Much to reflect on after reading this book.  Highly recommend it!

And…Simple Joy #16:  When your baby has the giggles.
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