Growing Up

I was fortunate enough to see Baby Noelle yesterday.  She is a beautiful 2-week old bundle of love.  When I went in to see her, I had left Audrey in the car for a little bit because I didn’t want to contaminate the Bulis home with baby snot.  So I got to stare at Noelle for a few minutes and I realized again how tiny and adorable newborns were.  After I said my good-bye, I went into the car and saw Audrey and I was shocked at how big my 8-month old was compared to Noelle.  I was like “Who are you?  Why are you so big?  Are you really my baby?”  Audrey was just sitting there, smiling at me…”Yes Mommy, it’s me.  I’m a big girl now.”

Gosh, time goes by too fast.  Within the past week, Audrey has learned to crawl, grown out of most of her clothes, demonstrate more of her depravity (she’s got anger issues), and she’s gotten 2 more teeth, which makes 4 total now.  Wow!  Everyone said that babies grow real fast, but I didn’t believe it.  Now I know it’s true!

A few months ago, I got to ask a godly mother of 4 what she would have done differently if she could relive her time with her young babies.  She said something so sweet and wise…that she would spend more time with them…playing, cuddling, just being with them, because they grow so fast.  I want to do that and cherish every moment with Audrey while she’s still dependent on me and while her heart is soft and moldable for the Lord.  Even if she wakes up at inconvenient times or makes messes or gets sick, I want to soak up every moment of it and be thankful to the Lord for this huge privilege.


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