Simple Pleasures of Mike

Good idea, serinshin!

10 simple pleasures of Mike, my hubby, written by me.

1. Large pho with tendon, tripe, beef, with extra noodles and onions sprayed with sriracha as side dish.

2. Spring rolls made at home.

3. Playing soccer with anybody, even strangers at the park.

4. Watching soccer on any channel, especially spanish channels since we don’t have cable.

5. Talking in different accents, especially vietnamese and indian.

6. Eating any meal with a huge pile of chilis and jalapenos.

7. Having jam sessions with other musical people.

8. Changing into soccer shorts and an old soft t-shirt right when he gets home from work.

9. Catching up with other men while he gives them haircuts.

10. Did I mention pho and soccer?


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