What Do I Do?

I just got home from my weekly Trader Joe’s outing and guess who I find waiting for me right in front of our screen door?  Mr. Lizard Jr.  I had Audrey in my arms and contemplated whether to go in the house, or wait and pray in the car.  Well, I managed to get in quickly and shut the door behind me as soon as I could.  I put Audrey in her crib for her nap and now I don’t know what to do.  The groceries are still in the car, but I’m afraid if I open the door, he’ll be staring right at me, ready to jet inside our house right between my legs.  If it wasn’t for the milk and eggs, I wouldn’t mind leaving the food in there for a little while.

Just tried to get in touch with Mike to ask him what to do, but he’d probably encourage me to let him in so that Audrey can have a playmate for the day. Hmm…  I’m gonna go for it.  I need to be strong because I’m a mom now.


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