A New Year Already!

It feels like just a few months ago that 2006 started, but now we’re already in the 4th day of 2007.  I feel like time goes faster as I get older.  I was staring at Mike one morning as I woke up and I couldn’t believe that I met him when we were just silly, very immature teenagers, and now we’re married, having kids together, and living out our thirties (well, not me yet)!  By God’s grace, we’re 2 very different people now than we were when we met, and hopefully growing more mature every year.  I’m very thankful.

In C.J Mahaney’s book Humility: True Greatness, he quotes another man who said, “Thankfulness is a soil in which pride does not easily grow.”  That’s so true.  When I’m ungrateful, moaning, griping, complaining, discontent, I know I’m a very ugly person and hardened by pride.  That’s so scary.  I want to cultivate greater thankfulness this year so that I can be more humble.  I’m sure the Lord will provide many opportunities to practice it during difficult situations.  Lord, give me grace!

A couple things I’m currently thankful for  (besides God, the Bible, etc.):

1. Health:  our family battled colds, the flu + a stomach virus this past month (just like the rest of our church!).  It’s good to have all 3 of us relatively healthy again.  Praise God!  I’m actually also grateful for the chance to depend on God during those times.

2. Cornerstone:  Every week, being with my brothers and sisters at church is SO sweet.  Hearing our elders speak to our church during 2nd hour recently has also been a huge blessing.  So thankful for them and all our other leaders who labor for us and love us so much.

3. Family:  A source of much grace…can’t even put it in words.  Too long for xanga.  Random side-note:  I started feeling the baby move on Sunday and he/she’s been non-stop ever since.

4. Breyer’s strawberry ice cream:  a perfect after-dinner snack.

5. Funny things on our xanga blogring…although it’s been a little slow lately.  Can you all do something about that?

I leave you with an example of how we spend our time at home.  No, we don’t eat pho and have worship practice all day.  We just do this:

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