Jesus Is Better

When life is easy, it’s easy to say that all you want is Christ and that He is enough.  When life is hard, your devotion to the Lord and your contentment in Him is tested.  What really encourages me is seeing other believers go through intense suffering, yet say whole-heartedly that Jesus is more than enough to satisfy them.

In God’s sovereignty, my sister directed me to read the blog of a very godly family who is going through fiery trials. (Please read their blog and pray for them!) It ministered to my heart so much.  Yes, we’re going through some trials in our household too.  It’s very difficult at times, but seeing this family endure with such a steadfast trust in God encourages me to endure with more faith.  Seeing their love for Christ makes Him appear even more beautiful to me.

My husband said something last night that has stuck with me all day.  He said, “Jesus is better.”  Yes, He is.  He’s better than all that I had wanted in this life.  He’s better than health, better than family, better than comfort & ease, better than any earthly joy I yearn for.  I’m seeing that when I feel defeated by our trials, it’s because I’m fighting to have my life the way I want it.  But I have to fight to remind myself that Jesus is better.  Sometimes in a sea of emotions, it’s hard to remember, but of course He is.  We, who deserve more suffering than we could fathom, were redeemed by a suffering Savior who endured so much on our behalf.  Because of Him, all the hardships of this life are only but a moment and though vile sinners, we get to enjoy Him forever. What a beautiful Savior.

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