Marcus’ New Smile

Who needs teeth, anyway?

Poor fella took a hard fall yesterday, and after the trauma of it all, he was back to smiling as usual.
Gotta love our champ!


An update on our little man and what new things he’s been doing (he’s 22 months now):

– Transitioning from sit-to-crawl and crawl-to-sit (belly crawling, that is)
– Pulling to stand from sitting on bench
– Signing “please” and “more” without being prompted to
– Waving “hi” and “bye” to people
– Touching the correct picture (amongst 2) when asked “Where is the ________?”
– Touching eyes, ears, and mouth when asked
– When on his belly, pushing himself up onto his hands and knees
– Blowing on a toy recorder
– Stacking one block on top of another
– Taking a few steps in his walker
– The other day during PT, he took a few steps on his own while leaning against furniture

Neat, huh?  Thanks for your prayers!!!!

His next personal goal is to beat his drums with drumsticks.  He tries SO hard, but can’t just yet. But man, once he gets his hands and wrists to move like he wants them to, it’s going to be very loud in here.  For now, he is content to pat all his drums all day long.  When he’s not drumming, he also loves to play his mini cymbals or shake his egg-shakers and his mini tambourines and maracas.  In therapy terms, we say that it’s because he enjoys the proprioceptive input he gets from banging and shaking.  I’d like to say that we have a future percussionist on hand.

One of his therapists has him do work on a light box which has a spinning wheel on it.  Sometimes we catch him spinning the wheel in such a way that looks like he’s scratching vinyl.  So if he’s not a percussionist, he could be a DJ.  (A son after his father’s heart.)  Can we add a DJ to CBC’s music team?


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