Summer Update: Kids’ Commentary Edition

Will you join with me in prayer for my mom?

She is our live-in paparazzi.  Doesn’t she have more important things to do than take random pictures of us?  Pray that she makes better use of her time.  Sometimes if I pretend she’s not there, I think she’ll stop taking pictures.

If that doesn’t work, I’ll just strike a pose.  I’ve seen this one a lot in engagement photos recently.

If she doesn’t stop, then I’ll just play with the space in my mouth where my tooth used to be.

She does take a lot of pictures, but sometimes I use it to my advantage.  It gives me the chance to practice all my different faces.

This is my “Vinnie from Brooklyn”.

This is “Office handshake”.  Hi, I’m Marcus Lee.  Nice to meet you.

This is “Godfather”.  I’m about to wrap my hand behind your neck and whisper a dark secret in your ear.

Hold, let me ask my mom for some more food.

Okay, this is “Rascal”.  I like to tell people I lost my tooth from breaking up a gang fight in the streets of Irvine.

This is “Want a piece of me?”

This is my version of my newest sign:  “I love you”.

This is my leg.

What you do after a meal is push your highchair away from the table, raise your leg, and chillax with a cold cup of milk.  I asked my parents to order me a La-Z-Boy recliner too.

Hi, it’s me…Auj.  I like posing for pictures too!

But this is how I usually smile for the camera.

I wonder where I get that from.

But when I’m sleeping, I can’t make funny faces.  Wow, my lips are big.

We went to Daddy’s company picnic today at the Back Bay of Newport Beach.

I got to go in the water in my new size 6 tankini.  Mind you, I just turned 4 and it’s already kind of tight on me.  My parents are wondering why I haven’t thinned out yet.

Maybe it’s because I like to be generous with my cupcake toppings.


Mom, will you put that camera down and help me scoop sand?


Daddy wanted to put me in the water today, but I was a little scared.

Once my feet touched the sand though, I was up for it!

It was so nice feeling the water that I actually wanted to crawl in!

I played in the mud for the first time ever and my parents were praising me for it.  I didn’t hear any other parents lavishing compliments on their kids for getting dirty, but it’s because Mom and Dad know that new experiences like these are not always easy for me.  But I enjoyed the mud and appreciated my parents’ happiness over it.

This is fun!  Enjoy the rest of your summer, y’all!

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