Two Amazing Moms

I’ve been following a couple of blogs written by two very amazing moms.  These two women happen to be close friends and they both live in Minnesota. They are both christian women and uniquely called by God to care for their own biological children and many more adopted children…and they each have ten!!  The most amazing thing is that many, if not the majority, of their children have some sort of disability including Asperger’s,  Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, ADHD, birth defects, cognitive disabilties, and severe physical disabilities.  The stories of these families are very different, but I am equally encouraged and blown away by how God continues to enable them to trust in Him and to love the children He’s given them.

I wanted to share a few posts that were particularly encouraging to me:

From Urban Servant:

Writing about when she and her husband adopted their youngest…a little boy named Jerry who had some obvious disabilities (Oct 12, 2009):

Since he isn’t our first child with this type of disability we can treasure these toddler years for what they are and not grieve what they are not. There are no dreams of the ‘perfect’ family to shatter and no parenting paradigms to painfully shift. We are free to love and appreciate him without all of the disappointments that hidden disabilities can bring. Not that we have ‘made it’ as parents, but we have learned to embrace the day, the child, and the reality of our life rather than giving in to the despair of our own shattered dreams.

From: Not Just An Ordinary Life:

Writing about how parenting children with special needs has humbled her (March 1, 2009):

I remember the early days, when all I could think was “I used to be a good mom.” I did alot of relying on my own skills and the pride I had in my ability to parent. Now, I am thankful for my little challenging child..because he never allows me to rely on myself and my abilities…he drives me to look to God to find the strength to parent. He has taught me so much. I know there are many moms out there who have children with mental health challenges that are thinking that they “used to be good moms” before the challenges were overtaking their lives…take heart and be encouraged. You are a good mom and you can do this. Don’t define your self esteem by how your children are doing…look for your worth in some one who will never change and someone who sees you as his precious child…Your heavenly father.


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