He’s On A Roll!

Marcus’ PT has been wanting to teach him how to walk between parallel bars.  To our amazement, he just “got it” this morning.  With the crawling and now this, our hearts are full!

The biggest “wow” about this is that he learned on his own what his body needed to do to turn around and walk to the other chair.  For a kid with motor planning difficulties, this really amazed us.  He just knew what he had to do (turn around, grab the other bar, reposition his feet, etc.) and then he did it!

Now, we just need to get longer bars.  🙂


9 thoughts on “He’s On A Roll!

  1. i LOOOVE how the Lord always encourages you guys with new milestones right when you need it. He is so good to provide for you guys in that way. LOVE you Marcus!!

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