The Sweetest Testimony

I MUST share this amazing testimony of a precious boy named Bennett Key, who also has Joubert Syndrome.  It is encouraging beyond words and now, our prayers are even more fervent for Audrey and Marcus to know our loving Savior!

Hillary, thank you SO much for finding my blog and for sharing his testimony with me.  I sent it to Mike at work today and we were both filled with so much hope that our champ will one day have a testimony like Bennett’s.  Thank you!  (By the way, can I get your email?  I have so much to ask you!)

We’d like to think that Gospel seeds are being planted in our kids’ hearts.  One neat thing is that Marcus has started to initiate prayer by putting his hands together before each meal.


Lest you think our son’s prayers are motivated by a pious devotion to the Lord, let me tell you his true motivation:  “The faster we pray, the faster I get to eat!!”


“Lady, will you please put that camera down and pray already!?  I’m starving!!”


Uh, we got a little ways to go before Marcus has his own video testimony.  🙂


2 thoughts on “The Sweetest Testimony

  1. haha – i love how you know his TRUE motivation. that little rascal, always has some tricks up his sleeve!

    we were SO encouraged by Bennett’s testimony. What a true blessing and inspiration!

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