How To Stand Up In Your Playpen – by Marcus Lee

Now that I can pull to stand, it’s been fun doing it in my Pack ‘n Play.  Here are some tips.  (It’s best to do it only in your diaper so that the women can admire your musculature.)

First, crawl to the edge.  Try also to flash a smile to your mom because you never know when she’ll take a picture.

Get your hands up onto the top ledge.  Make sure you have a firm grasp.

Pull yourself up while pushing also with your legs.  Then, look down to see how far you are from the ground.

Once you’ve realized you are standing, meditate.  Soak it all in because this should not be taken lightly.

After a few moments, you may then start to sing, or vocalize your emotions as you see fit.

It is also very appropriate to giggle at this time.

And don’t forget to be proud of yourself and shout HOORAY!

The previous step may cause you to fall on your bottom, but that is your intent.  Repeat the whole process over and over and over again!


10 thoughts on “How To Stand Up In Your Playpen – by Marcus Lee

  1. i love this! esp. the meditating part. he kinda looks like norah there. marcus is gonna have to teach norah a lot of things when she gets older 🙂

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