Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday is a common practice of gratitude that is widely known in the blogosphere.  Thought I’d give it a try today since there’s much to be thankful for.  I might not do it every week, but we’ll see how it goes!  Note:  there may be some Unthankful Thursdays too, depending on how I’m doing.  🙂

1. Thankful that although Marcus is battling the Rotavirus this week, that the rest of us are healthy thus far.

2.  Thankful for Mike.  He’s pulled triple duty this week:  full days at work, came home and helped with the kids, worked again on conference calls until past 3 or 4 am, helped to console our sick little guy through the night, helped out again in the morning.  And the best part…no complaining about being tired or anything.  LOVE IT!

3. Thankful for Franklyn, Mike’s boss, who urged Mike to work from home today so that he could watch Audrey while I took our miserable little fella to the doctor.  What kind of boss does that?  LOVE IT!

4. Thankful for the recent change of insurance that has allowed us to go back to the doctor that has known Marcus since birth and who was a huge support to us during the time of his diagnosis.  She was ecstatic to see me and him again today and really gave us direction regarding some recent health concerns we’ve seen in Marcus.  (I”ll write more about this in another post.)

5. Thankful that although Marcus is very tall, that at least he’s skinny.  His only method of consolation this week was to be held or to lay directly on top of me.  Kind of does a number on me especially during the night, but at least he’s 28 lbs and not 40!

6. Thankful for another opportunity to teach Audrey about racial/cultural tolerance today after she loudly asked the Vietnamese waiter, “Why do you TALK so funny?”

7. Thankful that Mike just called me right now and said he’s at the donut shop and is gonna bring me home a treat.  LOVE IT!!!


5 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. what a great husband you have! i didn’t know marcus had rotavirus?!!! i’ve been praying for him. praise God you guys are okay. and i wish i could be there to give marcus a big hug and kiss.

  2. And I’m thankful for the Lees. I’m esp. thankful that the Lord has given you a heart of gratitude in the midst of what must have been a difficult week!!

    Love you, Sue… praying for Marcus’ health! 🙂

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