Thankful Thursday

1. Thank you, friends, family, and church family, for your encouragement to us.  I was literally brought to tears by all your comments, emails, phone calls, and comments on Mike’s Facebook after my last post.  Your prayers and your love for us help to lighten the burden on our hearts and bless us tremendously.  We can’t imagine going through our trials without you.

2. I’m also incredibly thankful that our mid-week care group started up again.  The women in our group (Allison, Denise, Amber, Karen C., Jenny L., Joan, & Angie) always encourage me and allow me to share openly and I always leave more cared for than anything I offer to them.  Seeing how the Lord is uniquely crafting lessons of love for each of them also blesses me beyond words.  It is truly a means of grace and I’m so undeserving of the friendship and love of these women.

3. I’m very thankful that Audrey got to start her ballet class.  She had been telling strangers at the store that she would be learning ballet, so it was good to finally get it started.

She had a hard time getting to the class because she was complaining that her tights were too tight.  But I told her they’re called tights for a reason, and that you have to make sacrifices if you’re gonna be a ballerina.  But once she put her ballet shoes on, she forgot about her tight tights and did jeté’s across the waiting room to get warmed up.  She also wanted to show me one of her moves before the class started.  “Look, Mom.  Look, look, look at me,” she said, while doing a graceful grandma kimchee squat.

I was so happy to see her enjoy the class so much.  I noticed that she’s pretty coordinated and that she has the buffest bottom and legs in the class.

I was shocked that after doing a lot of this:

And this (I was so scared she wouldn’t stop jumping and not give the other girls a turn):

She actually ended the class with no sweat dreads

But then I remembered that she had already drained her body fluid the night before playing Wii with her dad.

She lost even more fluid through her eyes after getting demolished by her own father on Swordfight.

4. Finally, I’m SOOOOO thankful that Marcus is recovered from the Rotavirus.  Thanks to all who prayed for him!  He felt like this for 8 days:

But now he feels like this:

And this:

So good that he feels like doing this:

And Audrey has her playmate back

She’s glad she has someone to find treasures with

And someone to play house with

And someone to play duets with

These duets sure look like a lot of fun

But maybe he’d rather play solo


10 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. Your Thankful Thursdays make me so thankful, too! 🙂

    I loved those pix of Audrey doing ballet. The Wii bit made me LOL (dude, Mikeys, take it easy; she’s just a kid!!!) and the pix of Auj playing recorder with Marcus cracked me up because it reminds me of how Hen, Hoj and I used to have recorder jam sessions in the hall at our house!!

    We like to play the hooks from rap songs on our recorders. You should hear us. We’re pretty good.

    Maybe the Lees and the Lims should have a recorder battle.

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