Snot Pics Before And After

This cold/flu/virus season has been brutal on us, especially the Champ.  Probably due to it being his first year of school.  But were it not for the illnesses, I oouldn’t take pics like the ones below.

Marcus abhors having his nose wiped, especially from me, because I’m not as gentle as Daddy.  So he’d rather have his nose look like this:

And this:

And he may even drink a bit of it

Before I do this:

Because he just hates it

Until he realizes that he doesn’t have gremlin goo oozing from his face anymore.

I get no “thank you, Mommy for wiping my nasty face,” but I’ll take this smile as gratitude for now.


9 thoughts on “Snot Pics Before And After

  1. M looks SO old! Why is he growing up so quickly! I was grossed out, but then excited to see the pics too! Weird.

  2. this is the one time where i’d say a normal camera would’ve been better than a DSLR – i NEVER want to see marcus’ snot that clearly again! 🙂 hope you guys are all better!

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