Morning Wrestling Match

Buzz Lighyear:  Mwah-ha-ha!  I see my prey.  I will force Gumball Girl into submission.

BL:  First, I will pin her down with my head.

GG:  Woah!

BL:  Then, I will push my diaper into her face.

GG:  Aaah!

BL:  I will then strangle her with the grip of death.

GG:  Hee hee hee!

BL:  And sit on her again.

BL:  Sometimes a little saliva lets her know who’s boss.

BL:  Okay, let’s take a little breather.

GG:  Whew!  That was fun!

BL:  Yes, now she knows that she is no match for my power!

GG:  Oh, my brother…isn’t he cute?

GG:  I love him SO much!  (strangle hold)

BL:  (suffocating) I will be victorious again, Gumball Girl.  Just wait and see!


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