Feeling The Aloha Spirit

Dude, Ma, we are going to Hawaii!

Our family and my sister’s family have made it safely to Oahu, Hawaii to visit my parents and to vacation together.  The kids (and the parents) did wonderfully on the plane, especially considering that among the 7 of us, we had strep throat, diarrhea, shingles, and a cold to battle days before we left.  But by God’s grace, we are all relatively healthy and are SO thankful for this wonderful time to get away!  My parents graciously provided us a beautiful condo to stay in at Waikiki for the entire week and the biggest treat is just being able to see them enjoy the grandkids.  What a gift! We are very thankful to be able to take a break from work, chores, school, and therapy for 8 days in a tropical paradise.


6 thoughts on “Feeling The Aloha Spirit

  1. So glad eveyone is healthy and fully able to enjoy your vacation. Have fun in paradise! I love the pictures of your parents with their grandkids…so so SO special!

  2. LOVE the pics, what is it about Hawaii, the minute you step off the plane, you look younger and happier. 🙂 Glad you guys could take a break! More pics!

  3. thanks for posting pics already, you all look SO happy. 🙂 i love that pic of your mom and audrey. can’t wait to see more pictures – have FUN!!!!

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