Days 3 & 4: Waikiki and the Chus


1. Chef Mike has been cooking breakfast for all of us.  One morning’s feast included light & fluffy omelets, toast, bacon, Portuguese sausage, mangoes, and papayas.

2. Going to Waikiki beach to take our vacation’s first dip in the Pacific Ocean.

3. Feasting on Mom’s home cooking.  Korean BBQ pork bellies = YUM!

4. Reuniting with the Chus, who moved to the island from Cali two years ago.  It was wonderful to catch up with them, see their new life in HI, and see God’s abundant provision for them.


8 thoughts on “Days 3 & 4: Waikiki and the Chus

  1. these pictures are so good! everyone looks so refreshed — you guys are glowing! love the ones of mike with the kids in the ocean — great photos, sue!

  2. thanks for the updates! so good to see your family having a great time and those wonderful family pictures & the Chu’s! =) by the way, i just love all those swimsuits!

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