Audrey’s Thoughts on Pregnancy #2

I told Audrey that Daddy and I saw the baby again at our last appointment and that he was super active.  She got a kick out of that.

Me:  Your baby brother was kicking…

Auj: Yeah, and moving around and around…

Me:  Yeah, and twisting all over.

Auj:  He got sweaty, huh.


Marcus LOVES to wrestle with all of us.  And just because I’m pregnant doesn’t excuse me from the wrestlemania.  In fact, he enjoys the challenge of crawling over the baby bump.  We joke that when he’s got me in a submission hold, the baby is saying, “Hey brother, can you please get off me?”

Apparently, Audrey had been quite concerned about this rough-housing because she asked…

Auj:  Mom, when you saw the baby in the ultrasound, was he okay?

Me:  Yeah, Auj.  He was great.

Auj:  So he wasn’t squished by Marcus?


(This one is not pregnancy-related.)

We were bathing the kids one night.  After drying them off, either Mike or I had Marcus cradled in our arms and wrapped up in a white towel.

Audrey noticed a resemblance and exclaimed, “Look!  It’s Baby Jesus Marcus!”


10 thoughts on “Audrey’s Thoughts on Pregnancy #2

  1. every week in CM, we have prayer time. usually the same prayer requests come up and generally the same things are said. “mommies and the babies” are one of the regular things the kids pray for. this past sunday, audrey volunteered to pray for this topic and, during that time, prayed for you and the baby. that was a change from standard operating procedure. i thought it was super cool. you’re raising a (very) young woman of prayer. 🙂

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