Thankful Thursday

1. We finally had Marcus’ first IEP meeting this week.  It was 3+ hours of 12 people talking about Marcus and his needs and planning for his placement and services for the upcoming school year.  We prepared for the worst, but were pleasantly surprised by several decisions the school district came up with.  We disagreed about a few issues, but they were open to our considerations and even changed a few of their decisions.  We still haven’t signed the contract because there are a few more things we would like changed, but overall, we were glad about how the meeting went.  It went better than expected and we continue to hope for the best for Marcus at his new school.  We are thankful!

We are sad, however, to leave his current school and all the therapists he’s known since he was an infant.  But this will be an entirely different (and tearful) post later.

2. I’ve been feeling the baby move inside my belly for over a week now.  I forgot how wonderful this feeling is.  Mike and Audrey are a bit jealous that they can’t feel him move yet, but I told them that I’m the one carrying this baby, so I get to feel him first.

3. Marcus went on a field trip last week to the Back Bay of Newport Beach.  Audrey and I got to check in on him and his school-mates and enjoy the beautiful day with them.  I was thankful to see Marcus enjoy the trip so much.

He got to go on his very first big-boy bus ride.  I wish I was there to see his face, because I’m sure he was excited about it!

Enjoying the sand

4. Audrey’s ballet season is coming to an end, which means her recital is approaching.  We always thought she would prefer running around with the boys, so it’s neat to see her enjoy ballet so much.  Here are some pictures of this week’s dress rehearsal for next week’s performance.


10 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. audrey looks sooo pretty!!! wow, not at all sweaty and tomboy like!
    i can’t wait to see her at her recital!!

  2. What a blessing to hear! I’m so glad the IEP went better than expected, God always answers prayers in ways we can’t imagine. SO cute that Marcus went on a field trip, he sure gets to experience a lot of fun things at his school! Wish I could be at the recital, hope you capture some video clips!

  3. what a lovely ballerina you have there! So glad your IEP went well and that you are feeling the baby move now – what an exciting feeling!

  4. so glad that the IEP meeting went better than expected … praise God for his provisions! audrey is going to be awesome in the recital! yay!

  5. Thanks for the update. Love all the pictures too – your photography is really good! Marcus looks so cool in the sand!

  6. so sweet to hear of the updates, sue! and where can i get me a pair of those add-on puff sleeves? it would be like a dream come true for me to be able to wear puffed sleeves every day!! haha 🙂

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