The Fathers I Know

The special needs community is mostly represented by women and moms, especially in the blogosphere.  And although I am the primary author to this blog, I hope that all my readers know that my husband and my kids’ dad shares a voice in everything I write.  We parent through our failures (just ask our kids…they’ll keep it real with you), and we make more mistakes than anything right we do (we have to ask our kids for forgiveness more than asking them to follow our example).  But on this Father’s Day, I’m glad I get to thank God for the grace I see in my husband that enables him to care for our kids in such a special, special way.  My kids are so blessed to have him as their dad.  I could go on and on about all the tender moments between them that only I get to witness.  But maybe my kids can hijack my blog years later and let them tell you for themselves.

I’ve been thinking about my dad and Mike’s dad this week and was overwhelmed with thanks.  Fathering in our generation is tough.  But they had to parent and provide and lead as immigrants in a whole new land, starting their lives over from scratch.  I marvel at that.  Today, Mike and I get to reap the blessings of all the suffering and toil we’ll never know for ourselves.  And more than anything, we get to live out the answers to all the years of prayer that they poured over us and continue to pour over us to this day.

All this thinking about Mike, my dad, and my father-in-law has led me to SO appreciate that God allows us to call Him our Father.  God didn’t have to do that.  In relation to us, He could have rightly called himself CEO, King, Ruler.  But no, He presents Himself to us as a tender, loving, protecting, providing, and yet majestic, sovereign, powerful father to those who are found in His Son.

I’m thankful for the fathers I know here, who show me such beautiful little glimpses of who my Heavenly Father really is.


4 thoughts on “The Fathers I Know

  1. I loved this post Sue…your heart felt appreciation for all of your fathers, including Him, really touched my heart. You have a beautiful family and I am so glad that although I moved away, I get to witness your lives unfold from afar. I enjoy reading your blog and getting updates on the family. I am mostly a lurker, so even if I don’t comment much, know that I am staying current.

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