Prenatal Paparazzi

I’m 25 weeks along now in my pregnancy.  We got to see the baby at our monthly perinatology appointment and while we were excited to see him again, he had different feelings.

“Oh my, here they go again, taking naked pictures of me.”

“Will you please stop the paparazzi?  This is the only alone-time I’ll have for the rest of of my life.  Please allow me to enjoy my privacy.”

Well, my son.  You better get used to it because Mama gonna be taking a gazillion pictures of you once you are born into this world!


11 thoughts on “Prenatal Paparazzi

  1. wow! the images are soooo amazing! what a beautiful little guy … it was great bumping into you guys today =)

  2. it’s amazing at what technology can provide these days! and how neat to see his personality showing through! 🙂

  3. Wow, that is a truly incredible photo. I didn’t know, congrats! And I will be sending prayers like you requested in your previous post. Thinking of you!!!

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