Audrey’s Thoughts On Pregnancy #3

We’re still thinking of baby names and Audrey is daily giving her two cents.

“Mom, I really like Marcus.  Let’s name the baby Marcus.”


In anticipation of the baby’s arrival, she’s been doing some reminiscing of her own.  Apparently, she’s got a supernatural memory because one day, she recalled:

” I remember when I was born, Daddy cut my belly-button.  It was a little ouchie, but I was okay.”


We were at the perinatologist’s office today and I was laying on the ultrasound bed waiting for the doctor to come in.  He was taking a while to show up, but I had an urgent need to go to the restroom.

Me:  I REALLY have to go to the bathroom.

Mike:  Then, just go.

Audrey:  (appalled, gasping)  But Dad!!  She’s not wearing a diaper!!


9 thoughts on “Audrey’s Thoughts On Pregnancy #3

  1. i just got caught up on your blog could i have missed the last couple?! i love reading about the family and about how the Lord is so good! btw, love the burger sucking shot of marcus.

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