Audrey’s Thoughts On Pregnancy #4

Auj:  Mom, I have a new name for the baby!
Me:  Oh, what is it?
Auj:  Sue

Me:  Marcus, how about you?  What do you want to name your baby brother?
Marcus:  (big grin) Daddy.


(Warning: TMI)

I was in the restroom and apparently wasn’t speedy enough for Audrey.

Auj:  Mom, what’s taking so long?  Just push!
Me:  If I push too hard, the baby will fall out.
Auj: Oh. (pause)  Then just catch the baby.  If you catch the baby it won’t fall into the dirty water.


Audrey and I had a date at the donut shop the other morning.  For some reason, she was talking very loudly and I’m sure everyone around us heard our entire conversation.

Auj:  Mom, in your wedding movie, I wasn’t there.
Me:  Yeah, you and Marcus weren’t there yet when Mommy and Daddy became a family.
Auj:  Yeah.  After you get married, it takes a long long long time to have a baby.
Me:  Oh yeah?
Auj:  (even louder)  Mom, how did the baby get in your belly?
Me:  (giggling)  God put it there, Auj.
Auj:  Oh. (pause) That sounds hard.  (pause)  I want to be Jesus.
Me:  ????


6 thoughts on “Audrey’s Thoughts On Pregnancy #4

  1. These posts always have me laughing! I loved the last one especially – it’s so great to see into their little minds!

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