Kindergarten At Last

I feel like we’ve been talking about Kindergarten everyday for the past year and the day finally came.  Our baby went to school for the first time today.

Is this a nervous smile or what?

It was a relatively good first day, but there was a playground incident that caused her to sob when she got in the car after school.  It almost made both of us want to peel out of the campus parking lot, shake our fists at all the mean girls of the world and never ever come back!  But alas, it wasn’t anything some prayer, lots of hugs, a mother-daughter heart-to-heart, and a little Chick-Fil-A couldn’t cure.  We are armed and ready for day #2.

Something about sending my kids to school makes me feel so vulnerable.  I know, I know, it’s only 3.5 hours a day, but that’s 3.5 hours where I’m not there to protect her and where she has a whole life apart from home.   Day 1 of Kindergarten and I’m already getting all profound about sending my kids off into the real world.  But it’s good.  Praying that going out in the real world will provide real-life opportunities for her little heart to trust in the Lord.



6 thoughts on “Kindergarten At Last

  1. YAY! First day of school…you and Mike and Audrey all made it through! Let’s hope the mean girl incidences remain @ a minimum. Loved her choice of backpack & clothing. I adore Hello Kitty !

  2. I can’t believe that this day has already come. Henee still calls her “Baby Laundry” sometimes.

    And the mental image of you guys shaking your fists at the playground, sputtering with rage, and then peeling out of the parking lot in your minivan was too much for me. I still laugh heartily every time I imagine it.



  3. I loved the mental image too! I can totally imagine already what it must feel like to send your little one off to school….I can only imagine how I’ll feel when Ev’s day comes. I LOVED teaching kinder though and am confident that Audrey will have lots of fun this year!

  4. SO EXCITING and so sad to miss that, next time I see her, I’ll give her a big hug for making it through the first day of kool!!! YES!

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