35 Weeks & Grateful

The doctor had me admitted into Labor & Delivery today to monitor the contractions I’ve been having.  I knew I’d eventually be sent home, but while I was hooked up to the IV and given some muscle relaxers to slow down the contractions, I had one thought:  gratefulness.

At the beginning of this year, I had no clue I’d be pregnant.  Every pregnancy is nothing less than a miracle and this one is especially miraculous because it was not even in our plans.  It is something I can’t possibly take for granted.  On top of that, being able to carry this baby to at least 35 weeks is as astounding as getting pregnant in the first place.  I have known too many dear friends who have had difficulty conceiving and bringing a baby to term, that I cannot take this lightly.  So in spite of all the unknowns about the future, I’m humbled and thankful to be able to have this precious soul in my womb.  What a miracle.  What an honor.

So per doctor’s orders, I’m “taking it easy” and enjoying the fact that God is putting His finishing touches on our son before we meet him at last.

I leave you with a picture of how we’ve been enjoying our time while we’re still a family of four:


8 thoughts on “35 Weeks & Grateful

  1. that pic is killing me!!! praise God everything went okay today and i had a good excuse to come over =) we’re praying for you guys!

  2. Sue, I love this post for many reasons. First it made me laugh out loud as I approached the nice photo treat of Marcus!!! Secondly, it brought a smile to my face knowing this child is being born into this world to two amazing parents! It’s very heart warming to see your gratitude for the amazing gift of life. Being in this extended season of waiting can be hard sometimes, so thank you for your acknowledgement of that to the couples who are trying and who are so very happy for you, but so very sad for ourselves at times.

  3. Oh good, glad you got sent him with resting orders. Loved hearing about all the ways in which God sovereignly orchestrated yesterday to work out. :p and love being encouraged by your grateful heart. And adore this photo! If pioneer woman has a photo contest for funny submissions you gotta submit this.

  4. pretty good caption of what’s been going on with the Lee’s… I’m sure Marcus will lovelovelove it when he’s older 🙂 hehe..

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