Thankful Thursday

1. After two short stays at the hospital last week due to contractions, I’ve been better about listening to the doctor’s orders to rest.  So since I’m out of commission, I’m very thankful that Mike has been such a huge help.  With full-time work and taking on my load at home, he’s been doing double duty and so joyfully, I must say.  He is one rad dad!

2. I also have some awesome friends.  I’m so tempted to feel incredibly lame that I can’t take care of my family, but very honored and humbled that others have SO generously stepped in for me.  We’ve received delicious meals, offers to babysit, and our friends Alice and Donna have watched Marcus during the day so that I can rest.  Our sisters have also been at our beck and call to help us out as well, especially during the times we’ve had to be at the hospital.  I’m so grateful for such undeserved care.

3. Marcus is in the middle of his 3-week fall vacation from his year-round school schedule.  And with his Mommy not being able to take him out, he has been stuck at home most of the time.  It’s been a challenge thinking of different things to do with him that don’t require physical exertion on my part.  But I’m thankful that he’s going with the flow and relatively easy to entertain.  One day, we had a good half-hour of fun with a headband. We’ve found multiple uses for them.

The Classic Look

80’s Sweatband



Backwards Halo


Nose guard



Star Trek



Double Earrings


3 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. Glad to see that bedrest has given you more time to think about what other funny pictures you can take of your son! Praise God for friends and family, wish I was close by to help! Praying for you and the baby in the belly. 🙂

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