Marcus Says

We are SO grateful to report that over the past several months, Marcus’ speech has exploded.  Before, we used to say that he was “vocalizing”.  Now, we can say that without a doubt, he is “talking”.  He still has trouble with many consonants and his articulation isn’t understood by everyone, but he is definitely talking.  Before, we used to have to teach him every new word.  Now, he’s coming up with words spontaneously on his own.  Here’s a short list of new things he’s started to say as of late:

“I love you, too.”

“Mommy, look!  Daddy, Look!”  (After doing something he wants to show us.)

“Noona (big sister) school, Daddy work.”

Counting up to 10 and then backwards down to 1.

Saying his ABCs

Giving a play by play during meals:  “Mommy eat bread, Marcus eat cereal.”

“Singing” his all-time favorite single, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”.  Or in his words, “Winkle, Winkle”.  He also knows many words to “Jesus Loves Me” and many other songs.

“My _____________ ” (funny how you never have to teach kids to say “my)

Us:  Marcus, who’s in our family?
Him:  Mommy, Daddy, Noona, Marcus, Baby

Due to his vision issues and his vestibular deficits, he LOVES seeing things that spin and being spun around himself.  So he says “Mommy, Daddy, round round” when he wants us to draw circles, spin toys, or spin him around in a swing.  Mike and I have declared this song to be his anthem.

Humor –

Us:  Marcus, who’s in our family?
Him:  Popcorn.  (Grin and long pause.)  Oh my!

Potty Humor –

Us:  Marcus, what’s your favorite color?
Marcus:  Poo poo  (Grin and giggles)
Us:  Marcus, count to 10.
Marcus:  One, poo,… (Giggles and can’t continue on)

Going to a store, he thinks he owns the place and points to everything saying, “That one, that one, that one.”

When he doesn’t want to crawl or use his walker or trail along the wall, he says “Walk, two hands”  (please hold both my hands and help me to walk)

Hearing Mike’s mix of R&B/Soul music playing, he says, “Daddy music”

Compared to his peers, his speech is still obviously very delayed.  However, we can’t help but be extremely grateful that he’s even able to communicate what he can.  It’s a miracle.  But while I’m overjoyed at his progress, I think of other parents I know who have their own children with varying diagnoses and I know that some of them wonder if their child will ever be able to say “I love you.”  I often wonder why God has allowed Marcus to progress this far while others are still waiting, and my heart is burdened for them.  I think that to the degree that Marcus’ disabilities have afforded us incredible blessing, these other families’ blessings are that much greater and that the Lord is allowing for greater riches than I could imagine for myself.


10 thoughts on “Marcus Says

  1. That is such encouraging news! The Lord gives us exactly what we need! It’s nice to see that his potty humor is right on track!!! Lol

  2. Praise God!!! I love how his little personality shines through his songs, giggles, and all his precious words!!! Thanks, Sue, for always encouraging me.

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