Birthday Eve

Lord-willing, we will meet our baby boy tomorrow.  I’m scheduled to be induced in the morning and we are looking forward to holding this precious gift in our arms.  We can’t wait to see him, smell him, admire every inch of his skin, and smother him with kisses.

We feel a huge debt of love to our friends, family, and our church who have loved us through this pregnancy and have covered us with such sacrificial and sincere prayers.  We are completely blessed to have our son born into this world already drowning in the prayers of so many.  Gratefulness is at the forefront of my mind as I look toward tomorrow.

Before I bombard my blog with a million baby pictures, I want to post some pics of what the kids have been up to the past few weeks.



6 thoughts on “Birthday Eve

  1. Love these pics, EXCEPT the first one where Marcus is touching some pumpkins that look diseased with the bubbles on their skin- gross!
    I love that Audrey’s school gal pal gets something yummy in the Cornerstone cups! SOOO cute.

  2. Sue, I’ve been following your blog, since we “met” via the JS yahoo group and you were so kind to share information about Marcus. I have been thinking about you for weeks and now I read that tomorrow is the big day. Please know that I am sending positive thoughts and warm heartfelt wishes for a safe delivery for mom and baby. One thing I know for sure is that Baby Lee is so lucky to have you for a mom. Congratulations! Love, Melanie

  3. i know you’re at the hospital right now but had to comment on how cute these pictures are! i love the term “drowning in prayer” – what a blessed little boy. can’t wait to see him!

  4. Hi Sue,
    I hope someone from your family can update us on the arrival of your precious baby. Please let us know how everyone is doing!!!!

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