Derek Isaiah Lee

Our son was born on October 26th, 2010 at 7:20 PM in Newport Beach, CA.  He was a whopping 8 pounds 10 ounces and 21 inches long, which explains the discomfort I felt on my petite 5 foot 2 inch frame!

The night before our induction, I was sleeping and praying simultaneously.  The Lord knew the desires of my heart for the baby inside me, yet I had to ask the Lord to strengthen my heart for the worst, if it was what He willed.  Labor took longer than expected and during that waiting time, I kept thinking that in just a few hours, our lives could change drastically forever.

I felt prepared to have my son intubated if needed, or to bring him home with oxygen equipment, or to enter the world of Down Syndrome, or to rush to get him an MRI due to some other obvious signs of Joubert Syndrome.

But for some reason, that is not what my Father willed.  He willed for the Neonatology team to examine him and then then take my hand to say, “Your son is perfect.”

He is one week and one day old today and we are little in shock.  So far, he is like any other healthy baby.  Derek is using his eyes to look around and his muscle tone is very strong; both very good signs that he may not have Joubert Syndrome.  And yet I look at our beloved Marcus, who couldn’t use his eyes adequately for months, and who still struggles with low muscle tone  and I think that he is perfect too.

Our Derek, whom we thought was an “accident” when we found about the pregnancy early this year, is a truly undeserved gift from the Lord.  Mike and I have three children now.  I can’t believe it.  I had so longed for the chance to have more children after learning of Marcus’ diagnosis and the genetic risks involved.  And for some mysterious reason, the Lord heard these cries of my heart and answered so lavishly.  This humbles me completely.

I can’t help but lift up these 3 precious souls to the Lord and beg him for His grace to raise them and love them in the love of Jesus.


24 thoughts on “Derek Isaiah Lee

  1. ahh! cute pics! praise God for His abundant grace and provision. He knows exactly what we need and can handle. thankful for the lees’ testimony, such a great source of encouragement to me. love you all!

  2. thanks for this post sue and all the pictures! so thankful for God’s grace to you and your family! i can’t wait to meet and hold this little (but big!) miracle!

  3. Hi Sue! Your post gave me tears! So amazing to see how much our God loves us so so much. I hope you and mike enjoy your days with big boy Derek and his hyung and nuna!!

  4. Congratulations! He is so cute! I love love love the pictures of Marcus with the baby-the look of joy and pride for his little bro melt me!

  5. He is so beautiful! I cried when I read your post and looked at the pictures. You put into words for me everything that I have thought and felt. God is so good. I am so happy for you all.
    P.S. LOVE his name : )

  6. so glad you posted! and you’re so right, derek is 10 times cuter with his eyes open. praise God for your 3 miracles 🙂

  7. I’ve been waiting for this post!!! So thankful to hear the good news so far & see His grace to your family! The photos of the kids interacting are so precious — I still can’t wait to meet him! :]

  8. OH Sue, so sweet and I’m so thankful that you have another boy in your family. This world needs more godly men. You’re right, all 3 are perfect and they look so sweet and happy together. Thanks so much for sharing, can’t wait to visit you guys and see them all.

  9. Congratulations! And yes, I agree they are all perfect – this post brought tears to my eyes. So thankful for your 3rd little blessing!

  10. Thanks for posting Sue! Derek is such a cutie. He fits right into the Lee family. Your children are such precious gifts from the Lord. Praise God for His loving kindness towards you. Can’t wait to meet the little one!

  11. hi sue! thank you for the post and congrats on the new addition….soo cute!! truly such an encouragement and to see how the Lord is perfect in all His ways. miss all you guys!

  12. Hi Sue,
    I was so encouraged by your blog and your faith in God’s sovereignty. Your son is beautiful and I pray that he will grow strong and healthy and be a blessing to you and his siblings.
    We prayed for you guys last night and hope everyone is doing well, specially you! See you soon!–Silvana

  13. What a beautiful sight for sore eyes! Welcome to the world Derek, you are in the best possible hands!

    Audrey looks like such a proud big sister and Marcus seems tickled pink! Congratulations to the Lee family, you have grown by leaps & bounds! xoxoxoxox

  14. Hi Sue and family,
    How is everyone doing? Hope everything is doing wonderful and can’t wait to read more updates!! Blessings, Nicole

  15. Oh my, Sue! He is sooooo handsome! We’re rejoicing with your beautiful family and thanking the Lord for his abundant grace to you guys. Can’t wait to meet him and see you soon!

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