Problems I’m Glad To Have

1.  Not being able to take a nap because Marcus, who is laying next to me, can’t stop giving me the play-by-play of everything he’s watching on his DVD player.  Never would have thought I’d get annoyed that he was talking too much!!

2. On a similar note, Marcus is CONSTANTLY saying “Mommy, Look!” when he wants to show off something, which is ALL the time.  So all day long, you here me saying, “Yeah, Marcus. Good job.  I see.  Great, Marcus.  Sure, uh huh.  Very cool, Marcus.”  I try to be as enthusiastic as possible, especially after the 900th time.

3. When I pick up the kids from school, it is absolute madness in the car.  Good madness, I would say.  Derek is usually overtired or overly hungry and hysterically crying.  Audrey (and her carpool buddy Grace) are usually yelling some kind of crazy jokes at one another, or screeching some  kind of silly song.  Marcus thinks his sister is a riot, so he’s cackling and yelling “More! More!” and screaming joyously in between.  Sometimes, just because it’s not loud enough in the car, I’ll join in with a silly tune from my childhood to let the kids know that their mom is cool too.

The other day was the best.  I guess I sang “Lollipop, lollipop, Oh, lolli  lolli lolli…” one too many times because Audrey’s crazy laughter turned into drama queen sobbing because, “Mommy, (sob sob), stop making me laugh.  You’re making my cheeks hurt too much.”   Meanwhile, Derek was still crying like mad, and Marcus was still screaming, “More!  More!”

4. With the little one around, our germophobia is on high alert.  Everytime Audrey sees Derek, however, she MUST kiss him and smother him, while I’m thinking of all the yucky kindergarten microbes she’s planting on him.  But it is so sweet to see her all over her little brother.  Her voice goes 12 notches higher and she’ll even stop her sweat-inducing activities just to cuddle with him.  Very sweet.

5. Derek is growing and gaining weight quickly and sometimes he resembles the mayor in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.  He outgrew his newborn diapers after a few weeks and now the size 1 diapers are already getting snug.

6. Marcus is pretty “whatever” about his little brother.  But it’s better than what I had imagined it to be, considering how much Marcus loves his Mommy and doesn’t like to share her with anyone.  I’m hoping they develop a bond in the next few years.  Here’s Marcus trying his best to interact with his brother.  Or maybe he’s just interested in his brother’s bouncer chair?

I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.  He DID ask me to put the baby in the chair after all.


9 thoughts on “Problems I’m Glad To Have

  1. great update sue – i always wondered how mommies of 3 do it.. 🙂 and yes, marcus’s hair cut is awesome, definitely makes him look older and more mature 🙂 *big hugs*

  2. Those are indeed wonderful problems to have. I often think when Nik is one second from making me explode with his teenage angst how grateful I am to see it and hear it. With the last one growing up and out, you really need to hold on and chersih all these moments.

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