3 Weeks of Love

Most people get just one day to celebrate Valentine’s.  We scored and got 3 weeks of love with Mike’s mom staying with us.

She left the 10-inch snow to take a breather in the mild California winter.

And she finally got to meet her newest grandson.

Before his passing, Mike’s dad came up with Derek’s Korean name:  Tae Hee, which means “great and profound joy”.  It turns out he’s living up to his name.

Grandma also got to see how much Audrey loves brother #2.

And how much Marcus loves him too music.  Here he is, jamming on the new saxophone he got from Grandma.  We’re seriously considering throwing him on a busy street corner to start him on a part-time job.

A visit from Grandma wouldn’t be the same without a trip to Yogurtland…which is always a spiritual experience for my children.

And she knows it’s never too young to start them early.

The older ones were so thrilled that they erupted in spontaneous kisses.

It was actually a full day of love for Marcus.

He and his gang at school exchanged Valentines.

And hugs.

And I got to crash the party.

Audrey was full of the Valentine’s spirit as well.

Derek has got a thing for grandmas.  Boy, was he spoiled with cuddles and giggles and kisses.  After the sweet bond they’ve forged over the past few weeks, he is going to have some major G-ma withdrawal after she heads back to Maryland tomorrow.

When Derek was born, I thought he was God’s gift to us.  But now, I’m wondering if he was actually meant to be the balm to Grandma’s soul.  The timing of Grandpa’s death and Derek’s birth seem to be weaved together from above, and though the loss of her love can never be replaced, we’re seeing that Derek is doing a pretty good job of making her fall in love with him.

4 thoughts on “3 Weeks of Love

  1. Those pictures are so sweet! God knows exactly what we need, how wonderful it is to see Him orchestrate His perfect timing in all things!

  2. I love how you can see Marcus still playing the sax in the second to last pic! Too funny and cute those kids are. So glad they had some bonding time with grandma!

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