Thankful Thursday – Summed Up In One

The counting of blessings is ultimately summed up in One.  All gratitude is ultimately gratitude for Christ, all remembering a remembrance of Him. For in Him all things were created, are sustained, have their being. Thus Christ is all there is to give thanks for; Christ is all there is to remember. To know how we can count on God, we count graces, but ultimately there is really only One.  And the radical wonder of it stuns me happy, hushes me still: it’s all Christ.   Every moment, every event, every happening.   It’s all in Christ and in Christ we are always safe and “how will He not also . . .?”

–  Ann Voskamp

I stumbled upon a set of quotes in a blog taken from another blogger/author.  The above encouraged me and helped to sum up my Thankful Thursday for the week.

I leave you with my favorite rendition of “Jesus Loves Me”


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