This post is a week late, but I’ve been wanting to write about my mom.  I love her.  I miss her.

I think about my worst fear as a mom, and that’s  seeing my children suffer.  Then I think about my mom and she is living out this fear.  Not only does her heart break for her grandson, but she’s watching her own daughter suffer as I go through the valleys of special needs.

But she’s my rock.  Ever since Marcus was diagnosed, she has never shown me any doubt in God’s goodness, any anxiety about Marcus’ health, or any worry about my well-being.  Although she may worry or be sad, she lays her tears at the feet of Jesus and shows me only the peace she receives from Him.  Whenever I am sapped of strength or hope, I am held up by the fact that she showers my life with her early morning prayers.  She prays for me even when I’m too weak to pray for myself.  She trusts unwaveringly in our loving Father and reminds me of how trustworthy He is.  What a gift she is to me and my family!

For Mother’s Day, I didn’t get to see my mom, but I spent the day as Mom to my kids and celebrated with them.  What my mom is to me, I want to be for them.

From my mom, I’ve learned that God is generous, kind, merciful, and in control.  I’ve learned that trials and conflicts and pain are God’s gifts to bring us closer to Him.

She never sat me down to teach me these things, she just showed them to me through her life.  I pray my children will one day see the same in mine.

8 thoughts on “Mom

  1. sue!!!!!!!! i love these two posts! i’m always so encouraged by your mom’s example to you, even though she’s not my mom. 🙂 love that last photo of you with your 3 kids!!

  2. They will! They are so blessed to have you guys as parents! Thanks for being such an example to us — love you guys 🙂

  3. WOW, what an amazing gift from your mom. Perhaps it’s the words least spoken, that teach us the most. I have no doubts that your children will learn the same from you, what a beautiful example you are to them, your messages will come though loud and clear. I loved all the photos, your mom is very beautiful.

  4. Seriously , starting my day off crying!! Love mom and soo thankful for the encouragement she’s been to you. She’s the best!!!

  5. You’re a great mom, Sue. You’ll be great to them and more :))
    praise God for encouraging moms. only God can create them.

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