Remember This

On my wedding day, I kept telling myself, “Remember this.”  I didn’t want the day to pass without me being fully aware of the day Mike and I became husband and wife.  So now, I have the sweetest memories of that day that even the photographer couldn’t capture on film.

Three kids later, my memory-making muscle is always being exercised.  Like every parent, I want to make memories for my children that they can keep for a lifetime.  But lately, I feel like I want these memories for myself as much as I want them for Audrey, Marcus, & Derek.  Time is flying so quickly and I don’t want to forget that I was once a mom of 3 young children who were blissfully content and loved being a part of this family.

It’s been a season of reprieve for our family, and whenever we get those windows of peace, I just want to soak them up and whole-heartedly thank God for them.  This past month, we had the chance to take a few outings.  I couldn’t get the best angles with Big Poppa strapped onto my chest, but I did my best.

So…I want to remember…

How Audrey asked if she could wear this unique outfit on our outing to a nature trail at Newport Back Bay.  She’s at a stage where she must wear a skirt at all times, Duggar style.  She also did some interesting layering with her tops.

and then added shades.

I want to remember how Marcus “Whoa-ed” while admiring the view

and did not want to stop hiking up and down, up and down, up and down the trail,

giving Daddy a workout, as usual.

I want to remember how many times Audrey said, “Look!  Look!” at the aquarium.

And that although he was battling a cold, Marcus enjoyed himself too

and still wanted to walk around and give Dad some more exercise.

I want to remember my model parenting:
Me:  Audrey, take a picture in the shark’s mouth.
Auj:  I don’t want to.  It’s scary.
Me:  Audrey, put your face in the shark’s mouth NOW.  Obey.

I want to remember how stoked the kids were for their first swim of the season.

And how Marcus was sporting his new shades, male model-style.

I want to remember how bad of  a swimmer Audrey still was, after flunking her swim lessons last year.  This girl thinks she is HOT STUFF when she puts her head in the water for a few seconds.  She says she doesn’t need lessons because she already knows how to swim with a vest on.  (????)

I want to remember how Derek woke up from a nap one day and found himself at the beach for the first time.

And Big Brother thought Lil’ Biggie looked pretty cute.

I want to remember how Audrey had a perpetual smile on her face the whole day.

And although he was only able to take catnaps, Derek was super happy to be in the sun too.

I want to remember how much the kids liked picnicking on the sand.

And how Audrey could have jumped waves for hours.

I want to remember that although Marcus was scared of the ocean,

he was King of the sand

and couldn’t be happier.

He loved ordering his father to “Get more water….pleeeeaase.”

And Mike fulfilled his wishes again and again and again.

I want to remember how stoked I was to still be married to this guy

And thankful to add more pages to my mental wedding album.

9 thoughts on “Remember This

  1. you’re SO right – Marcus TOTALLY looks like dad in that one eating pic!!!! love all the pics and how you’re treasuring these sweet moments.

  2. Man, are you guys having the best family time, or what?? Happy early bday to the Champ and hope to see you guys soon! Love, me

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