Music Man

So yeah.  Marcus’ obsession with music is NOT just a phase.  This passion of his is in his DNA, passed down from all 4 grandparents and his own mom & dad.  It occupies the majority of his day and he says he even dreams about it.  Ha!

As his parents, it thrills us to see him loving something this much, and being so good at it, too.  We have these lofty visions of him having a career in the music industry, participating in the worship team at church, or being a sound engineer.  Who knows how the Lord will use this in his life?  For now, it’s a great therapy for him and gives him a sense of success that he doesn’t readily find with other things.  I love hearing about other kids with JS love music too.  Watching a video of one friend play the trombone at his school recital and seeing another guy rock out on the electric guitar with his friends in their band, make me so excited for all the experiences Marcus will have in the future as well.

Typical boys his age may read books about Star Wars or their favorite action hero, but not our son.  He geeks out on books like these:

The nerdier the better.

He don’t discriminate against the 80s photos either.

For some reason, he also likes to know how each instrument is spelled.  The boy is thorough, I tell you.  Next time you see him, ask him how to spell “music”.  It’s the equivalent of asking him what his name is.

He makes music everyday.  Sometimes just for fun.

Other times, it’s serious practice.

After ordering us to play “Twinkle Twinkle” 1.5 million times, he’s learned to finally play it himself.  Thank the Lord!  I’m so sick of playing that song!  Big props to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart for writing a tune that has occupied my son for countless hours.  Mastering this song has made him realize that he can play other ones too.  After showing him a few times, he’s also added “Mary Had A Little Lamb” and Beethoven’s “Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee” to his repertoire.  “Jingle Bells”, however, he learned on his own…just started playing it one day.  He’s a freak like that.

His newest favorite exercise is quizzing him on what musical family each instrument belongs to. We’ve got the woodwinds (and a side of snot).

The brass instruments

The percussion instruments

And the strings

Sometimes he puts them in single file.  Just to admire.

Group picture

When he’s not playing them in real life, he’s playing them virtually.

Or watching others play them.

We’ve already started training Little Brother to follow in his footsteps.

But we’re not sure if he’s serious about it.

Some of you already know, but Marcus and Derek came out with a single a few weeks ago.  Here is their debut video, produced by Lady AnteMiriam of Babysitting Records, recorded at Wet Diaper Studios.  Enjoy.

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