Remembering The Day We Won The Lottery

To say that Marcus is a gift from God to our family is the world’s greatest understatement.  I like to imagine how my Lord beautifully knit together my son with the greatest of detail and packaged him with the utmost care.  Four years ago today, when He delivered this present to us, we didn’t know that this gift had so many compartments to it that we would keep opening up for the rest of our lives.  And the blessings continue to arrive each day.

I wanted to post some pictures of our Champ when he was itty bitty.  But somehow I can’t stop crying as I want to touch each photo, kiss it, and just remember.  Floods of emotions and memories I forgot were tucked away in my Mommy heart and now they’re flowing out of me uncontrollably.

I remember when we knew that something was “wrong” after a few weeks.  I remember I shot this video with tears in my eyes while trying to maintain a light spirit in front of Audrey.

I remember staining the Psalms with my wet prayers and begging the Lord to be gentle with our son and with our family.  The months and years passed and He answered lavishly.

How did WE get to be chosen to be Marcus’ parents?  We have done nothing to deserve him!  How did the Lord consider US in such a loving way, that he would give us this most precious gift?  On the day he was diagnosed, I thought Mike and I died.  But OH, how he’s brought us back to life again!

We are blessed beyond measure.  Happy birthday, my love.

8 thoughts on “Remembering The Day We Won The Lottery

  1. can i say i think he has the BEST smile ever? full of joy and God’s love and you could see it a mile away! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARCUS!!! hope you have an amazing day making some melodies!

  2. gosh, looking at those old pics and watching the video brings back SO many memories. but it also reminds me of God’s faithfulness through all of the peaks and valleys He’s brought you guys through. We love you, Marcus!!!! We can’t imagine you any different from what you are. 🙂

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