How We Celebrated

Before I forget, want to jot down some highlights of Marcus’ birthday celebrations this year:

– he wanted everything at his party to be green
– he specifically requested that his buddy William be there
– his buddy Judd got him a bubble blower that all the kids wanted to play with the entire time

– On his actual birthday, we asked what he wanted for dinner.  He said, “Kogi (meat) and salad”
– It was the first year he was able to blow out his own candle.  Everyone was proud.


4 thoughts on “How We Celebrated

  1. That pic of Derek is killing me! Love how the lee kids love to celebrate! Next year Marcus will probably want to go to the symphony 🙂

  2. the highlights for us were 1) having pat decorate the birthday boy’s cupcake and 2) hearing 4 trumpet whistles in our house daily for the past 2 weeks 🙂 love your fam!

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