California Grandma

Our kids have given their grandparents geographic names.  So far, they have called them the Hawaii Grandparents and the Maryland Grandparents.  We are thankful to say that now we have California Grandma.

Over the past several months, she sold the house she lived in for 20+ years, left the community in Maryland she and Mike’s dad built for 30 years, and moved across the country to build a new life close to her children and grandchildren.  It is bittersweet to see that now we get to see her as often as we like, yet understand that it came at a tremendous cost to her.  We continue to dearly miss Maryland Grandpa and pray that California Grandma will adjust quickly to her new life here.

I have a feeling the kids will help smooth the transition a bit.

And not only that, but she’ll get to bond with her daughter (Mike’s sister) while sharing an apartment together.

We’re gonna enjoy the fact that Grandma will always be around for impromptu trips to get yogurt

And she’ll be able to see for herself how the kids are growing.

Welcome home, California Grandma!


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