What The Kids Have Been Up To This Summer

It’s mid-August already and I almost want to take myself out to a nice dinner and pin a ribbon on my own shirt to congratulate myself for surviving the summer with the kids.  I’ve felt both “Oh my goodness, when are these kids going back to school?!” and “I never want to let my babies go!” simultaneously, many times day.

I’m terribly backlogged with my picture editing and posting, but here’s part 1 of what the kids have been up to this summer:

We’ve been trying out underwear

Violin practicing (no, my son doesn’t have 4 arms)

Observing the violin practicing

We got to enjoy a free outdoor concert.

And made good use of the grass

Audrey agreed to let me cut her hair, since it was getting a bit too long.  I searched through magazines and hired a stylist to give me some inspiration for my daughter’s new ‘do.  (j/k) Here’s what I came up with.  This style is called “Accidental FOB”.  It will be the new craze amongst 1st graders this year.

Yep, the first cut was way too short and I couldn’t undo it, so now she looks like a girl whose mom may not speak English very well and may wear high heels to Disneyland.  She also is now the real-life version of Ramona Quimby.  But it’s okay because she did NOT flunk her swim lessons this year!  My firstborn is swimming!

The summer has been both restful and full.

I’m thankful.

(photographer:  Marcus Lee)

6 thoughts on “What The Kids Have Been Up To This Summer

  1. i’m happy that audrey is swimming but i miss the stories of her being the center cone that the other kids swim around hehehe!

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