Preschool Rockstar

Since Marcus’ school  is on a year-round schedule, he’s already finished a month of school and so far, so great.  He’s rockin’ the new class, with the new teachers, new therapists, and new friends.  Here are the highlights so far:

*  Taking 20 independent steps in PT (crazy!).
*  Jibber-jabbering the whole way home, telling me about his day.
*  Having a half-dozen teachers, aides, administrators, therapists come up to me to tell me that he’s determined, hard-working, adorable, smart, bright, a joy to be with, cuddly, and just plain something-else.  One even told me he’s made everyone fall in love with him.  I don’t doubt it a bit.
*  Telling me what he got for his reward everyday before I can even say, “Hi”.  The dude is so proud of himself whenever I pick him up from school, you’d think he got elected class president everyday!


*  Drawing this in OT


And my favorite highlight…

*  Making real friends.

I asked him who his favorite friends at school were during his bath last night and he said, Ben.  I thought he might have just said the first name he could think of, but it turns out they are really forming a bond.  Today was Ben’s birthday and during his little party, he demanded that Marcus sit with him.  So they honored the birthday boy’s wish and pulled Marcus out of his PT session so that he could celebrate with his bud.  After school, I spoke with Ben’s mom and it turns out that Ben is talking about Marcus at home too and really likes him.  And while walking to our cars, Ben even asked her if he and Marcus could walk up the grassy hill to play together.  (Heart-melt!)  I wish I could have caught a picture of the fist bump they gave each other today!

Okay, so I cried on the way home.  This might be such a normal thing for other moms to experience, but it’s no small thing for me.  I always wondered if Marcus would be able to make friends, if other boys would have a genuine liking to him.  It turns out there’s at least one boy that does!  Oh, how I love normal!  I thanked God on our short ride home for this unique and special blessing.  Another whisper from Him to tell us, “See?  I’m taking care of you!”

So yes, Marcus is rockin’ preschool.  He’s the Bono of preschool.  Rock on!


5 thoughts on “Preschool Rockstar

  1. oh man, really thanking God for letting marcus experience all these awesome things and for giving you sweet assurance! yeah, i might still be hormonal but i’m with cathie about tearing up. :*) yay for friends!!!

  2. Sue, once again you have brought years to my eyes. This post fills me with hope for Riley and helps calm some of my anxious feelings about the future. Thank you for sharing milestones and moments that remind us our children have and will have lots of typical interactions and experiences. Yay for Marcus – rock on 🙂

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