Why God Gave Audrey Soccer Legs

We are more than halfway through Audrey’s first season of soccer, so I thought it was about time I record how her experience has been so far.

She and her team are the Ladybugs.


The girl is totally into it.


You can’t truly capture from these pictures how much she loves running on the field.


Or how much she’s learning about the game.


And teamwork.


And sportsmanship.


But you also can’t tell from these pictures that they’ve lost all 5 games.  They’ve made 2 goals the entire season, and have been scored on 27 times.


During the first full game of the season, I looked over at Audrey, worried that she was completely discouraged.  But right after the 900th goal the other team scored against us, she screamed, “I. LOVE.  SOCCER!”  And then I wasn’t so worried.

When the Ladybugs scored their very first goal, Audrey came home and said, “That was fun!  I hope we win again!”  Mike and I looked at each other, silently exchanging, “You tell her.  No, you tell her.” And then one of us broke the news that we didn’t win the game.  In fact, we probably lost 12 to 1.


I wish you could have seen how the girls screamed and hugged each other after the 2nd goal one of our girls made a few weeks ago.  The parents were also jumping out of their seats, I was a little teary-eyed, and we all thought we made it to the World Cup.


But what we lack in skill, we make up for in fun.


My little Ladybug, I love how you run and then turn to ask, “Daddy, am I really fast?”  I love how your shin guards barely wrap around the soccer calves Daddy gave you.  I love how you push the girls on the other team who aren’t even close to the ball, and then look at Daddy, so proud of yourself for being aggressive.  I love how you gulp down your water during breaks like you are literally dying of thirst.  I love how sticky every inch of your body gets after the first 30 seconds of each game. I love how you and Daddy get to spend so much time together on the field and how you giggled when he told you there was a soccer player named Hans Jorg Butt.  I love the soccer legs and the soccer booty you’ve had since birth.  I love you, Auj!


5 thoughts on “Why God Gave Audrey Soccer Legs

  1. this is so so cute! i love that she loves soccer 🙂 i used to play soccer when i was a kid — did i ever tell you that? haha, can’t imagine it, huh? 🙂

  2. Cathie played soccer?! What the…!

    Love this post. Seriously wish you got a pic of Auj playing goalie 🙂 oh, and loving the gummy smile in that last pic haha.

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