In His Own Words

Last week at VBS, Marcus had the privilege of sharing an abridged version of a Bible verse in front of everyone.  His was Luke 9:25 “God is better.”  Short and simple, and pretty much what we’ve been trying to share with him…that Jesus is better.

(If you’re interested, you can watch Marcus’ class presentation here and Audrey’s here.)

Today, I had to correct him for some bad-boy behavior and as I was praying with him, I couldn’t help but literally cry out to the Lord.  I clenched him tight, let my tears land on his shirt, and just begged the Lord to pour out His grace on my son.  It is the Lord who saves, not Marcus’ capacity to understand the Gospel, so I pleaded with Him to give him a saving faith in the incredible love shown through Jesus.  I felt like a baby, just begging.

Later in the evening, I put on my Wicked Stepmother outfit and yelled impatiently at the kids in the car, being especially ugly to Audrey.   I could see the poor girl whimper in the rear view mirror and I realized how harshly I’d treated her.  Normally, I would let her sulk for a while  so she would feel guilty for turning me into Meanie Mama.  (Because it’s all her fault, right?) But after a few minutes, by God’s grace, I asked her to forgive me. It went something like this:

Me: Audrey, I’m so sorry.  Please forgive me.  Mommy was so ugly, huh.  Mommy was so angry and impatient and I shouldn’t have yelled at you.  Mommy’s heart was so full of sin, wasn’t it?
Auj: (whimpering)
Me:  Why are you crying?
Auj:  Because I thought you didn’t love me anymore.  (ouch!)
Me:  (heart pretty much crumbled) Audrey, I’m so sorry. I love you SO much.  But because Mommy’s heart is sinful, my love for you is not perfect, even though I wish it could be.  Remember how we learned that God loves you no matter what you do or don’t do because of Jesus? Only God’s love for you is per…

And that’s when Marcus chimed in.
Marcus:  Jesus is better.  God is better.

It was the first time he had said those words without us prompting him to.  I’m not sure if he really understood the meaning of it in his heart, but it sure spoke to mine.  God’s’ love for my kids is better than my love for them could ever be.  I ache for my kids to know this.  Especially when they experience heartbreak and pain of their own, I want them to know that nothing can ever separate them from God’s love; a love that was proven when He hammered nails in the hands of His perfect and beloved Son so that He could carry the burden of their fallenness.  A love that calls them His own children and doesn’t change because HE doesn’t change.  A love that welcomes them with open arms no matter how much they don’t love Him back.

I’m seeing more and more how I need to cry out at the feet of Jesus for my kids (for our whole family, actually).  Even if Marcus couldn’t speak a word or if he never showed signs of “understanding”, I want to grow in faith that it is HE who saves and His grace is wide enough to cover over our little ones.

Happy Birthday, Grandpa!

It’s my dad’s birthday tomorrow.  Many of you know that both Mike’s dad and my dad are pastors and that they are both extremely musical.  My dad (and mom) majored in music and then he became a music teacher before he came to the States where he continued his musical talents and conducted many choirs at different churches.  To this day, he still uses his musical training at church and also to reach out to the community through music classes.

I thought I’d try to give my dad an appropriately musical birthday greeting from the kids to show that his musical talents have been passed down to his grandkids.  Little did I know that it would also be a chance to show him that his rascally qualities have also been bestowed on his grandson.

Happy birthday, Dad.  We love you and miss you!  Enjoy!  (And please excuse my son.)

Our Tree and Marcus’ Christmas Message

One of these years, I hope to have my dream tree.  You know, like those majestic, classy-looking ones that you see in magazines or at the mall.  But for now, I’m enjoying our plastic 3-footer decorated by our sticky-fingered 4 year-old.  It has more ornaments per square inch than any other tree I’ve seen and I love it.

Here’s a Daddy/Daughter pic with the pre-ornamented tree.

Lastly, a little Christmas greeting from the Champ.

He’s On A Roll!

Marcus’ PT has been wanting to teach him how to walk between parallel bars.  To our amazement, he just “got it” this morning.  With the crawling and now this, our hearts are full!

The biggest “wow” about this is that he learned on his own what his body needed to do to turn around and walk to the other chair.  For a kid with motor planning difficulties, this really amazed us.  He just knew what he had to do (turn around, grab the other bar, reposition his feet, etc.) and then he did it!

Now, we just need to get longer bars.  🙂

Walking Around the Neighborhood

Hi!  It’s me.  I took a long walk around the neighborhood yesterday.

Yes, I’m tall.

Yes, I got to greet Daddy home from work.

My parents were so proud of me.  And you should have seen my sister smother me with hugs and kisses.  I was dying.

Can you see how much I love this?  It’s nice to see the world from this point of view and be able to move myself around.

Yes, I’m tall.  I didn’t know it either.  I’m also handsome.  But I knew that already.

For those of you who have been to my house, let me tell you how much I walked.  I went from my front door to the parking lot and back to the bridge.  It was hard and very tiring.

But I loved it a lot.  And for some reason (which my PT could explain to you in PT language), I couldn’t stop babbling.  Walking makes me want to talk and sing.  Isn’t that interesting?

I got to see the sun shine through the trees from a new perspective.

And I looked at the flowers and dogs and neighbors who walked by.  Funny thing…the other day, one of my friends in the neighborhood saw my walker and asked his mom for one too.  He thought it was the newest John Deere toy.

I also watched the ducks playing in the water.

This is serious stuff.

So serious that I will never smile again.


Just kidding.

Wanna see how studly I am?  Excuse the soundtrack in the clip.  Mommy likes to sing my favorite songs to me while I work out because she knows it motivates me.  Daddy sings much better, but I appreciate her effort.

I felt like dancing too.  Some of you will say I get my moves from Dad.  But this is original choreography, people.  Gomo, I propose a battle with you at the next wedding.

Thank you for joining me on this journey and for praying for me.  Thank you also for encouraging my parents so much.  They appreciate it!